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PO BOX 2240,,
Greenvale , VIC 3059 AUSTRALIA

About Hair Units Melbourne

Welcome to Hair Units Melbourne. We specialise in non-invasive surgical techniques that deliver results. We only use high-quality hair, whether it is from stock or specially formulated solutions and keep our hair naturally soft and healthy. Our speciality is providing men with reasonable hair replacement services.

Unlike many studios out there today, we have got excellent and modern hair systems and skilled technicians. We deliver the greatest quality and latest hair replacement devices.

We offer a wide range of hair systems including; Lace, Mono, Skin and Stock hair systems online.

Our best and first-class hair products are hair pieces, human hair wigs and hair replacement systems for men.

Our experienced staff understand that every individual hair loss condition is unique. We provide great quality hair systems and products for each individual.

Our collection of ready-made hair systems is our best option for custom-made designs. Understanding the needs of professional men, our collection of men’s wigs is designed to be stylish and comfortable as well as look different from natural hair.

Even the invisible lace front and monofilament base create the look of a natural growth so our customers can be confident. Our men’s wig collection offers dozens of natural colour options and a variety of styles to combine wisely and safely.

Our team of experts specialised in hair systems for balding or thinning hair whilst we also provide up-to-date information and knowledge to help our clients to make the right decision when it comes to hair loss.

We sell the best and high-quality hair systems, hair pieces, human hair wigs and hair replacement systems for men on our online platform.


Hair Units Melbourne 04 3271 2181
PO BOX 2240,,
Greenvale , VIC 3059 AUSTRALIA
Hair Units Melbourne

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Hair Units Melbourne

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